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Art Work & Photography

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

I wanted to formally recognize an extraordinary talent who does all of my design work, from album art to photography – Catriana van Rijn. I am blown away with the work she did for my EP Trilogy THE ARRIVAL. Thank you.

Below is a small sampling of her work from this project. More to come.













The Arrival Part I Departures – Album Art












The Arrival Part I Departures – Liner Notes










Promo Photo – set & photo created by Catriana van Rijn

The Modline

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Nice review for my EP Trilogy The Arrival from Sara at Vancouver’s online lifestyle magazine The Modline.


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You know how music is supposed to take you on a journey?  Well, David Ward’s latest three-part EP The Arrival does just that.  In this newest venture, the Vancouver-based artist explored a different genre and theme in each part of the EP, and because of this each part has a very distinct sound.  Part I: Departures is meant to signify the beginning and the end of a journey, and this really comes across in this installment of the EP.  As the opening portion of the EP, it didn’t any time to get into Ward’s music, his stunning vocals in addition to his effortless musicality made it easy.  The second part of the EP is entitledBorders, in which Ward’s music takes on more of an R&B sound to explore the place in between two destinations.  While these two parts have very different sounds the flow from one into the next, and the same holds true into Part III: Arrivals.  At this point Ward’s vision has come full circle, and it is evident in the tonality of this section of the EP.  This installment of The Arrivals is less R&B and more jazz, and as the title of the concluding song suggests as sense of “Joy”.  From the Departures through to the Arrivals, David Ward’s latest musical venture was a definite success.  The Arrivals gave this incredibly talented musician, vocalist, and artist the opportunity to showcase the variety and range in his musical abilities.  Getting to go on this journey was definitely an amazing musical experience and I can’t wait to go on it again!

Sample Arrivals Part III here.

The Arrival Part I Departures

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

The Arrival is a 3 part series of EP’s based on the universal yearning for the elusive goal of an arrival. Each EP illustrates a unique aspect of the overall them with an accompanying video.

To leave; to diverge; to deviate; to pass away – Departures explores what can be considered both the beginning and end of a journey in the first installation of The Arrival.

Thank You

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Thank you to everyone who came out to the big release party last Friday. It was a fantastic night and I’m so glad you were apart of it.

Big thanks to the Wachu Crew for all their help (Garson, Fanny, Alan, Darren), Bob Woolsey for hosting, RedBud Films for documenting the night and to Chloe & Catriana for their gorgeous set design.

Heading out on a western Canada tour tomorrow. Would love to see you in you’re in the area. Lots of new material to share with you.

05/25/12 Banff, AB Fairmont Banff Springs Canada
05/26/12 Banff, AB Fairmont Banff Springs Canada
05/27/12 Edmonton, AB Wunderbar Canada
                                                                                                                  w/Lou Wreath, Ashanti Marshall
05/28/12 Calgary, AB Ironwood Canada
                                       w/Danielle French (album release), Jenny Allen and Leslie Alexander, Heather Blush




Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Arrivals is a reflective visual prose piece that echoes the 3 movements of David Ward’s EP trilogy, The Arrival.
Shot on a digital handycam and accompanied by a musical score on guitar done in one take, the video observes the ebb and flow of life in an airport.