Winnipeg to Guelph: 2,000 km & over 30 Hours of non-stop Driving









September 28th…After losing two gigs in Winnipeg (both within a week of their allotted dates) the first to venue closure, the second to an overstuffed bill, we ended up playing a more or less private party in the city, organized the day of by an enthusiastic friend and fan.  Not long afterwards, we rushed over to the airport to  pick up documentarian filmmaker Jeanette Wilkinson of Redbud Films at 12:30am who is joining us on tour to continue work on a film profiling the independent music scene in Canada and the UK/Europe. Kelly Hughes, the owner of Winnipeg’s Cultural City Hall, Aqua Books, the show we lost due to venue closure, was gracious enough to open his doors at 2am for an interview to discuss the challenges of owning an independent arts venue in a big city. We caught two hours of sleep and then embarked on a non-stop drive totalling over 30 hours at a distance of over 2,000 km from Winnipeg to Guelph witnessing two incredible sunrises, traveling through miles of dense fog in the quietest hours of the dark, and twice being pulled over by the US police, once at a border crossing and the other on the highway, for traveling with a car full of music gear, no permit to play and an alibi that all we were trying to do was get to Guelph, Ontario as quickly as possible across this absurdly geographically expansive nation.

Guelph, prepare yourself – we are about to unleash 30 hours of pent up musical aggression over the course of 2 hours.

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