Tonight at the Vogue Theatre

June 23rd, 2015














Thank you to all who came out tonight. One I won’t soon forget. Wonderful audience. Thank you to Coastal Jazz​ and The Vogue Theatre​. And I have to say, Naturally 7​ blew my mind. #vanjazzfest #vijf2015 photo by Redbud Films​.

Tweet n Greet is Back

June 11th, 2015

Nels Cline Tweetngreet david ward












Pleased to announce Redbud Films and I are back with our 3rd season of ‪#‎tweetngreet‬ for Coastal Jazz. I’ve been able to met some of my musical heroes in years past (like this guys Nels Cline) and this year is no different. Already lined up are Snarky Puppy, Antonio Sánchez and Dawn Pemberton to name a few. Take me to school.

Thursday, June 11th Canceled

June 7th, 2015

It is with much disappointment that we announce the cancelation of our show this Thursday, June 11th. The Imperial, all the bands involved and I know many of you, were very much looking forward to this event. We hadn’t pre-sold enough tickets and so the financial risk was just too big for the huge leap of faith we would have had to take in order to make it work. We did everything in our power to make this show happen but despite exploring many alternatives, nothing made enough sense to continue.

Most of my experience of putting together my own shows, outside of the weird and wonderful microcosm of touring, is here in Vancouver and I will say this is a tough city to crack.

I don’t want to get too preachy here because at times I have been a part of the same problem but, if you like music, art and culture it is important to support the scene. Attendance, discussion and support is what it needs to grow and thrive and make this the culturally vibrant city it can be, and many times, just is! There is so much talent here it hurts but it can’t stay here if it isn’t seen, heard and nurtured.

A big thanks to all those who showed enthusiasm for the show and for your support. We apologize for the inconvenience and you will all be refunded your money.


May 20th, 2015

Transitioning art work David Ward music












We have been in the process of playing with different colour models to perfect the look for the decoder glasses and I am happy to announce we have finally signed off on the album art work! Going to print! We’ll have a few extras at the show JUN 11 at Imperial Vancouver w/ Star Captains & Dawn Pemberton.

May 6th, 2015











went out this morning to all who pre-ordered! For those of you that tried your link this morning without luck, check again. Pledge has fixed the glitch. Happy listening.

Album art by Catriana van Rijn.